Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sadness poem


Sadness feels like the wind blowing past you.

Sadness lives in a haunted cellar all alone by itself.

Sadness feels like crying and locking yourself in a cold, damp room.

Blue is the colour of sadness and looks like liquid water that has frozen to become ice.

Sadness tastes like salty water filling your mouth.

Sadness smells like sewage water.

It reminds you of losing your best friend who you loved playing with.

Sadness looks like the deep, vast ocean.

Sadness is when you feel like crying.

Hugging, laughing or spending time with someone can help to cure sadness.

Sadness is loneliness, insecurity, confusion and abandonment.

By Devyani


Thursday, September 26, 2019

water scarcity writing

Hi my name is Devyani.

I wake up with another day of no water.  I get my toothpaste and my brush with a small glass of water near the sink. As I finish my brushing, I go outside in the scorching sun waiting for the water truck to arrive. Every single woman that I see, was waiting outside just like me.

  THen suddenly we could hear the sound of the truck driving to our  village.  Then we all got our empty pots and got ready for the truck to come closer. AS the water truck arrived, we pushed each other to get water from the pipe first. I can hear shouting and arguing going on from the other ladies in the village.  All I can hear are people saying , go away it’s my turn!  It is a catastrophe! There are 100’s of people just waiting for their turn to arrive. I wonder when I will finally get my turn to fill my empty pot. 4 hours later. Yay! finally my turn. There is hardly any water in the tanker. I get only half of my pot filled up. As I go home, I am so exhausted after this big drama.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The real story of Hansel and Gretal

The Real Story of Hansel and Gretel

Hello, my name is Violin, the witch from Hansel and Gretel and I will tell you a little secret that nobody has ever heard before.  I shall tell you my side of the story of the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. So... let’s begin.

Once upon a time, there were two cruel and mean kids that were eating my beloved house which I wasn’t very happy about. I asked them why and to my surprise, they gave me a very appropriate answer. They said that they were hungry and starving so they had some of my sweets from my gingerbread house. Then I felt a bit guilty that I had been so grumpy with them in the beginning so I let them in my house. 

When they came in, they started staring at my hut like they didn’t like it at all. How rude of them!!!  I tried to ignore their behaviour and I went to the kitchen to make them some warm hot chocolate to drink.  I also cooked some pancakes with honey and blueberries on top. Well, they just gobbled it up without even asking me if I wanted some. I hadn’t eaten anything for two days because I worked so hard making candy I didn't even have a 1 second break!!!  

 When the children were finished eating their meal, they wandered around my house to see what things I owned.  They opened one door and they found a bundle of gold, diamonds and some bracelets and they thought that I had stolen it.  However, I earned my valuables from all my hard work, making candy for shops. How rude of them to think that I stole it!

They were staring at me like I was a thief! I asked those careless kids why they were opening my special places without asking me. They didn’t say anything and I think the two kids felt like running away because they couldn’t be bothered talking to me anymore.

They were planning to go outside, so I quickly locked the door because I wanted them to come to a halloween party with my other old friends.  I turned myself into an evil witch for the halloween party and wanted to prank them by pretending that I was an evil person trying to eat them. However, they thought that I really was a horrible witch. If you went to a birthday party dressed up in an evil costume and people thought that you really were a mean person, how would you feel? Of course you’d feel horrible and embarrassed! I thought I could include them in some fun but at the same time I thought that my trick was going very well so I continued it. I told the little girl that she’d have to cook some food for her brother so I could fatten him up then eat him. The little girl did as she was told.  I felt like laughing because they were acting weird and very scared. Then I couldn’t control myself anymore so I burst out laughing like an evil witch so those two children got scared even more.  Gretel started to cook the food fast. She cooked some cakes and cookies. She put lots of butter in the cakes and cookies to make Hansel fat. Then, as quickly as she could, she got a plate and put some cakes and cookies on it.  I told Gretel to hurry up and give the food to her brother in a mean cruel voice so that she got scared with my creepy prank.

One night, when they were sleeping, I could hear voices and some crying noises. So I quietly creeped in to see what was going on. Then, while I was hiding behind the door, I could see Gretal crying and her brother digging a hole to get out of the cage. Then I said, “What are you two up to? Go in the room now!”

Instead of going to bed, Gretel ran to the kitchen to cook more food for Hansel so I went in the kitchen with her to see what she was cooking.

Then I got tired of the trick so I told Gretel that I was just going to gobble Hansel up so go and check the oven to see if it is hot enough. So the little girl went to the oven to check if it’s hot enough. But then that little brat answered in a cute voice  that she could not see because she was short. So I looked inside the oven to see if it was hot enough. Then, to my horror, that little, red rat pushed me into the oven. Phew!,I’m still alive, but one of my eyes burned and my right ear bled and fell off.

The end               


Monday, September 9, 2019

My Pepeha

Tēnā koutou katoa            Greetings to you all 
No Fiji āhau        I am from Fiji
Ko Puketāpapa te maunga             My mountain is Mt Roskill 

Ko Manukau te moana                     The Manukau is my sea

Ko Halsey Drive te kura                     Halsey Drive is my school 

Kei Mt Roskill toku papa kainga         Mt Roskill is where I live now

Ko Bharat  tōku koro           My Grandfather is Bharat
Ko Roshni tōku kuia          My Grandmother is Roshni
Ko Shridesh tōku matua      My Father is Shridesh 
Ko Krupa tōku whaea       My mother is Krupa
Ko Vivek tōku matua keke     My uncle is vivek
Ko Ashna  tōku whaea keke     My auntie is Ashna
Ko Paarth rāua  ko Namish āku tuakana    My cousins are Paarth and Namish

Ko Devyani tāku ingoa                   My name is Devyani

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

create-retell the story

create - retell the story in your own words

Once upon a time there were three parrots named tahi,rua and toru.Tahi and toru were brothers. They were very vain and boastful. They argued all day long. 

“Oh look at my pretty green feathers they are so smooth  and colourful, said Tahi. 

“Look at the red under my wings they are so bright and dark, said Toru .

“Your red is under your wings nobody would be able to see it. Squeaked Tahi.

The other birds couldn’t sing or eat properly. So the birds told rua to tell Tahi and Toru to stop arguing. So Rua  did what she was told to.

“Can you stop arguing please. “All the birds are beautiful. '' Said Rua politely.

“Huh”? you think you are beautiful?”said Tahi. Look at those dull brown feathers.

Rua hunched up miserably as the  two brothers mocked her.
Then Rua flew  to the Totara tree and asked Tane ,the forest god, to  stop her brother from arguing.

“Don’t worry Rua ,Leave your brothers to me”said Tane

Then Tane went  to Rua’s two brothers  And shouted at them. 

“Tahi and Toru! Shouted Tane. You are ruining  and destroying the forest . The other birds can’t  sing or eat properly. Tahi you should be called Kakapo the night parrot . Will be coming at night so nobody can see your beautiful feathers.Toru, now you will be called Kea. You have to go to the mountaintop faraway from the forest so nobody can see you”.

They were all separated far away.
Sometimes Rua missed her brothers but she could see them fly up in the sky.  

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Growth Process of a Sunflower 

Paragraph 1 - The introduction
The sunflower that you see standing tall and vibrant has to go through a process to get to this stage, just like all living things. 

Paragraph-2 - The seed and the sprouting process
The sunflower begins as a seed.  It has black and white stripes and is shaped like a teardrop.  Its outer layer is rough and bumpy. Then later, when conditions are right, a small root begins to grow and pokes out from the black and  white seed. Meanwhile, a short and fragile shoot emerges from the soil and enters the daylight.  

Paragraph 3 - The roots, stem and leaves continue to develop
Then the roots start to sprout out and spread inside the soil while above the ground, little leaves start to grow from the stem.  Overtime the sunflower plant grows taller and gets stronger.

Paragraph 4 - The bud/head forms and the sunflower blooms
After some time, a bud or head begins to form at the top of the plant. The bud looks like a ball facing straight towards the other sunflowers. As the sunflower gets its bud,the bees take the pollen and it gets stuck in their fur.  When they fly, the pollen falls and the sticky substance spreads all around the grass.

Paragraph-5 As the sunflower’s petals start to grow.

After the bud has finished growing, the petals start to spread around the bud so it gets the shape of a circle.  It has layers of petals that form around the bud. The flower is in bloom. 

Paragraph-6 Now the sunflower dies.

Once the flower has produced and spread black seeds, it dies, just like humans.  The flower turns brown and starts to droop. Then the petals start to fall off and drift to the ground. Inside the plant, the stem stops sucking the water and then the plant dries up and dies.


Now we know the growth process of a sunflower. Sunflowers go through many changes in their lifecycle. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Setting description

   The look of the creepy haunted place was very dark and murky.  The atmosphere was very strange and weird.  You could hear the sound of the fallen crunchy  branches under people’s feet. Nearby some spiky rocks lead to the colossal trees. There was very less greenery.

 Some Bats were shrieking  like a squealing tyre while others clicked like maracas like being in a fiesta in Spain.  There was this type of a wooden ladder staying still near the delicate hut.  The house was made of wooden logs which crumbled to the ground.  

There was this wooden ladder near the tree house. The ladder made creaky noises when people attempted to climb it.  There was this little door leading to the main part of the house. The house was the size of a medium car and inside the shack was a very tiny little brown rotten bed which was sitting in the side of the corner. Near the bed was nothing but mud. The roof had  small craters that dominated the roof and let rain and hail pour into the dwelling.

The haunting shack chilled me to the bone. There was a bookshelf and on a shelf there was dust and lint in the corners and crevices of it.. The bookshelf was made of oak and it was decaying badly. 

Sadness poem

Sadness Sadness feels like the wind blowing past you. Sadness lives in a haunted cellar all alone by itself. Sadness feels like cr...