Thursday, March 14, 2019

Build your wild self.

Luna Moth Antennae - How well do you smell? Your luna moth antennae are bushy because they have over 40,000 odor receptors. They help you detect the odors of other moths.

Domestic rabbit ears - Animals like rabbits have to be on the lookout for danger all the time. Your large ears help you listen for trouble.

Asian elephant trunk - Your Asian elephant trunk has thousands of muscles in it. That's more muscles than a person has in their whole body.

Octopus arms - Can you imagine tasting…with your arms? Your octopus tentacles are covered suckers that are sensitive not only to touch, but also to taste, so can you grope around for food in small, dark crevices.

Chilean flamingo legs - you'd think flamingos stand on one leg by locking their knees. But those are actually their ankles. They stand like that to conserve energy. How long can you stand on one leg?

Monarch butterfly wings - Your monarch butterfly wings can beat five times per second. Can you flap your arms five times in one second?

Lesser bird of paradise feathered tail - Are you ready to boogie? Male birds of paradise use their brightly colored tail feathers in mating dances to attract females.

I saw this unusual creature in a  murky cafe. Her eyes shimmered in the sadowy darkness. This creature was not only scary, but horrible! Her feather was  soft as a fluffy dog. The colour of the feather was grey like the smoke of ashes. The horrifying creature had black hair. The hairstyle was 2 plaits tied with a greyish ribbon. Her bunny ears were curled like korus. The colour of the swirling spongy ears were murky pink in the middle and   dark brown at the outside. She had an enormous elephant trunk. The elephant trunk was big as a bulging tree. She had thin lines on the elephant trunk.

Her arms were all wobbly like a jelly. She had octopus arms. The colour of the octopus arms were mauve.It had hot pink surkers in the octubus arms. She had a wooly t-shirt which was pink. It had a design in it’s t-shirt which said princess which had a crown on top of the princess label. She had a curious tail behind her. It was a  bird’s tail at the back. The colour of the tail was yellow and white. Behind her back were colourful butterfly wings. The colour of the butterfly wings were black, orange and white. She had flamingo legs. The flamingo legs were thin as a bamboo stick. She did weird move like she was showing signals to me. I was a bit scared about the funny creature but she looked kind.

She even showed me moves that the actors usually do. Her  octopus hands moved quickly and her flamingo legs slowly bent down. She was screaming like a elephant. The weird creature calmly sat down on the rocky, rough surface and closed her eyes. After a while she gently opened her eyes wide.She looked hungry and thirsty. As the monster stood up, it walked past the lake and drank water from it’s elephant trunk . The monster even ate little insects from the cafe. That was awful seeing the creature eat little bugs from the dusty walls. I felt like it was a nightmare!                                                                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My cousin brother's birthday party.

MY cousin brothers birthday party Today it’s my Paarth’s birthday party, he is my cousin brother. I came from Skids and got organised for my cousin brother’s party. I wore a tropical dress that my cousin brother gave me for my birthday. When I put the dress on and looked in the mirror, it looked amazing! Then I hopped in the car to travel to my cousin brother’s garden. When we arrived, my cousin brother came running towards me and hugged me. As he gripped my hand and took me into his house, I was shocked. His house was gorgeous! His house was decorated so nicely in the outside place where the plants were. The garden was decorated with balloons. There was a little ramp and there we had the cake on the table. The flavour of the cake was … It smelled so luscious! We all sang happy birthday to my cousin brother. It was my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary too. Just then, my other aunt and uncle came to celebrate my cousin brother’s birthday and my aunt and my uncle’s wedding anniversary. As the chairs were adjusted and the table, we sat down the comfortable chairs. The food was scrumptious! It the funniest day of my life! There I played with my little bother Namish, he was only 8 months old. I carried my little brother in my warm and soft hands. He pulled my hair so hard that I felt like my hair would be ripped from my scalp! I was about to scream but then my aunt took the little baby off my hands. I was relieved. Now it was dinner time and I was so hungry! We had Indian food. The name of the curry was malicoftha and we had chapathi too. It was amazing! As I finished dinner, my brother and I played together with the toys. Namish was playing with his own toys . He looked adorable! After I and my cousin brother got bored so we got ice cream and cake. As my cousin brother finished, it was time for me to go back home.I slowly came out the house because I didn’t wanted to go home. It was already midnight.Mum and dad hopped in the car and back home. It was a tiring day. I put on my pajamas as quickly as possible and went to bed. In two minutes, I went to sleep. It was the best day of my life!

Monday, February 18, 2019

My task- To write a setting description about a place that we went to in the holidays.

Trip to Devonport
The task: To write a setting description
WALT: To describe our senses

Holidaymakers crowded the town.  The noise made me blast.There was a ice cream shop, the colour of the shop was murky pink.  It was torrid outside. The smell of scrumptious flavoured ice creams filled the air. There was an island shop  which had hats, shoes and more. The shoes felt smooth and soft. It was an old shop but renovated with new lighting and fashionable hats and shoes.  The outlet was displayed in an interesting way.

Noisy children played in the field.  The playground was dappled. The kids made noise like they needed help. The community of people had a picnic in the spongy grass.  The smell of delicious Japanese ice blocks overpowered the area. The kids had the Japanese ice blocks in their hands and they licked them furiously.  The warm sun heated my skin. This place was paradise.

By Devyani

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Art work

Room 8 have been doing sketch's of a landscape.

Who am I?

Who am I?

I live in the murky woods where it's dead silent. I wake up in the shadowy night for hunting food. As it's morning, I go to sleep in a special place. I hide at night so that nobody sees me. I have no family but I have friends that wake at night like me. I don't have food like milk, pasta and chicken. I only hunt at night to get my food . I only drink liquid.  My friends don't look like  me but they're special just like me! I have a home in the  deep dark woods but it's more special than you think. Nobody believes me that I'm real.  I like drinking something red. It's like water but I got it from a mammal. I like wearing  black clothes.

Who am  I?


Build your wild self.

Luna Moth Antennae - How well do you smell? Your luna moth antennae are bushy because they have over 40,000 odor receptors. They h...